A selected clientele with refined tastes does not seek a home based on a single characteristic, albeit with an excellent standard. A luxury apartment can be found in many places, but how many can boast of being set like a jewel in a magnificent ancient building, surrounded by the beauties of nature? How many can be at the same time an oasis of peace and a place close to the cinema firmament? The Palais d’Oxford thanks to the Gruppo De Angelis Costruzioni real estate company – once a 19th century grand hotel – has become an exclusive and prestigious private residence. The temporary home of the sophisticated dandies of the Aestheticism era is now a place where pleasure is no longer an ephemeral present but a future on which to invest.

luxury nature palais d'oxford cannes

Almost a hectare of magnificent Mediterranean flora surrounds the “Palais d’Oxford”. Here the peace of nature and its lush centuries-old trees is just a few kilometers away from the sparkling lights of the international jet-set that annually celebrates the best of world cinema in Cannes with the famous Festival. We wish to assign a virtual Palme d’Or to the Palais d’Oxford. Marbles, elegant parquet, external doors in solid oak: hard to find a more “cinematic” beauty …

Palais d’Oxford, a jewel of luxury surrounded by nature

A video teaser posted by the Gruppo De Angelis Costruzioni real estate company gives us a breathtaking preview of the luxury apartments available within the Palais d’Oxford. Bright rooms, Jacuzzi tubs, latest generation appliances in A-rated energy class. Only the best, only excellence.

The extraordinary climate of the South of France is a guarantee, but the air conditioning system for all seasons closes the doors to the unexpected. Particular care is dedicated to safety: surveillance systems, reception and garages for cars. Give the best of yourself in the indoor gym, cleanse your body in the sauna. Free yourself from the negative thoughts in the large indoor heated pool. Are you ready to live in the luxury you’ve always dreamed of?