10 reasons why Cannes is the place to be in 2019 – shopping, star-spotting, arts

Cannes is one of the most exciting place to be in 2019. Scratch that: actually it is THE most breathtaking place you can visit this year. Are you sure you know all the beauties of the mecca for art house cinema? Let's see together what the French Riviera's most famous town can offer you... 10 [...]

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LAST CHANCE: The real estate investment of a lifetime in the French Riviera!

The real estate investment of a lifetime in the French Riviera is just one phone call away from you. Who says dreams are far away from reality probably never heard of "Gruppo De Angelis Costruzioni", the company which is bringing everyone's dreams of a luxury flat in the most enchanting places of Southern France in [...]

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Nature, luxury, art: discovering the Palais d’Oxford in Cannes

A selected clientele with refined tastes does not seek a home based on a single characteristic, albeit with an excellent standard. A luxury apartment can be found in many places, but how many can boast of being set like a jewel in a magnificent ancient building, surrounded by the beauties of nature? How many can be [...]

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Luxury and home automation: why you will want a Palais de la Rose’s flat

An apartment in a historic residence on the French Riviera is certainly a luxury few can afford, but far from an impossible dream. The "Gruppo De Angelis Costruzioni" real estate company has established itself over the years as an absolute reference point in the high profile real estate market in the South of France. There are many reasons [...]

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